Frangipani Jewellery

Frangipani Jewellery by Mari Kato

Frangipani is a Japanese Custom-Made Jewellery Brand dedicated to creating personalized design jewellery by collaboration with craftsmen in Florence, Italy. The owner and designer Mari Kato strives to capture the essence of elegant style with her sophisticated and aesthetic twist. Her design is brought into life as only one jewellery with quality by long inherited Italian jewellery making expertise and craftsmanship.

Order Your Frangipani!

When the occasion demands something exceptional, please come and talk to us.  Your story is extremely important for us to know and expand our images of your jewellery to suite your style or even to suite someone you love and cherish. We propose our design and the price estimation after careful hearing. The production of your jewellery is made in Italy and it requires some months to complete then deliver. At the moment, hearing and delivering the Jewellery is only possible in Tokyo and its vicinities. For further information and order, please use the contact form to Mari Kato, Frangipani.